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SEDMICE - Rules of the game


The game can be played with 2 or 4 players.


SEDMICE plays with a deck of 32 cards. Card suits don't matter. Cards that can score points are Aces and Tens. Seven is a wildcard, it doesn't carry any points but can beat any card.


For the first round each player is dealt four cards. After each consequtive round players are dealt from the deck so each has a total of four.


The first player throws a card on the table. The others do the same in a circle. After one round, if any one player answers the first card thrown, then the first player can either again throw the same card or a Seven. The last player to answer the first card thrown with either the same card or a Seven wins the round and takes all the cards from the table. Players are then dealt new cards from the deck and the winner of the last round goes first.


Every Ace or Ten won by a player in each round is worth 10 points. After the deck is used up the winner of the last round gets 10 bonus points.